Saturday, 1 January 2011

Happy New Caching Year

Today is the start of a brand new year and a new year of caching. Today, myself and two of the children decided to grab some nearby caches as I was feeling housebound after the recent snow and festivities. We headed over to Hertford intending to find 3 caches and a clue towards a multi cache - The Wicked Lady.

The first cache was 7th Hertford Guides "All Saints". This cache is in the grounds of the Guides meeting hall adjacent to All Saints church. I'd previously looked for this cache twice before, the first time there were too many muggles and then the drainage ditch was swollen with molten snow. However today the cache was an instant find as I'd taken advice from previous finders' logs.

Then we headed uphill to find an old driveway for Brickonbury Hall called Morgan's Walk. Here my daughter easily found 7th Hertford Guides "Morgan's Breather".

We carried on along Morgan's Walk to arrive at an imposing gate with barbed wire around it and the following sign.

We then found White House Whereabouts. My son found this one as my daughter was too scared to poke her hand around under the leaves and sticks.

We lastly tried to find one of the clues for The Wicked Lady which is located near a housing estate on the outskirts of Hertford. My gps got us within 30 ft of the micro cache so we tried to find a likely spot fitting the clue. The next minute my son is screaming that he'd found a gun, on further examination it turned out to be a 1960s replica Lone Star P38 automatic which looked very real. We gave up after this but will return at some point once I've got over the shock of finding a gun of any type!


  1. Hey Abi,

    Love the Geocaching Blog, I've added it to my follow list. I think I'd be very shocked if I'd found that gun. Wow!


  2. Thanks for the ad Cass. Thankfully today's caching experience was uneventful other than getting muddy!