Sunday, 2 January 2011

Winter caching

Over the last twenty-four hours I have been doing what a lot of cachers do during the winter months when they can't get out - solving puzzles. Admittedly some of the harder more mathematical puzzles I passed over to husband to solve but so far we have hopefully the right co-ordinates for 14 puzzle caches which I will endeavor to go out and find before the summer. Most of the puzzle caches that I have been solving have been by the infamous duo bill&ben who have created a large of number of puzzle caches in my area.
Tomorrow we're intending to go out grab two traditionals and one or two clues towards The Last Witch. This will be another date off the Finds for Each Day of the Year section of my statistics. I've discovered shamefully that I've never cached in December, something which I intend to rectify this year. I would also like to increase my average difficulty and terrain score. Does anyone have any new year resolutions for geocaching? Mine are to find 5 a week at least and to update this blog at least weekly.
Good luck for 2011

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