Monday, 20 August 2012

Celebrating the Olympics

Today we popped out on a rescue mission to recover a TB from an archived cache on the other side of Harlow. Apparently it had some placement issues with the landowner/ranger and had been archived. The cache owner has only 1 smiley and hasn't logged on since 2011 however previous logs suggested that the cache would still be in situ.

Upon arrival, my daughter grabbed my arm and said "Is that the cache?" It was lying on top of some recently cleared branches in full view of the adjacent footpath. Surprisingly the cache was in good nick and contained a trackable but sadly not the one I'd come to rescue. I decided to take the cache home with me as the cache owner hadn't addressed the issues with the landowner, it was archived and would otherwise be geo-litter. I've offered to post the cache to the owner if s/he contacts me.

We then headed over to Harlow to grab a recently published cache at a golden post box repainted to celebrate Laura Trott's win in the Olympics although her home town is actually at Cheshunt so the lucky lady has two painted in her name.

This evening we retried a cache that we searched for earlier in the week. No luck, must be very well hidden especially as it's big enough to fit 3 trackables in :(

Hoping to do a cache in a tunnel this week and to get to 600 by the end of the week! What are your caching aims for this week.

Sunday, 19 August 2012

International Geocaching Day

Yesterday after taking the kids to the outdoor swimming pool, decided to head out and grab a cache for the International Geocaching Day souvenir. This would be the second one of these I have acquired so far. Last year I did Jack the Ripper 1 - Mary Ann Nichols while my husband had a hospital appointment nearby.

My immediate choice for the evening was to grab a puzzle cache which had been released a few days before and I'd solved on the day but didn't go for FTF. This was The Defector on the edge of Hertford, convenient for the bus stop and would have been home within an hour. However when we got to GZ, people were sitting out in their gardens and a dog was alerted to our presence so decided to try for an alternative cache. The Stairway to Cache Heaven was our qualifying cache, there was a bit of a scramble to obtain the cache and the contents could do with a bit of tlc but it was a relief to find this cache so we could get our souvenir.